by Kata

Yeah it's me!

I feel like I never have time to sit down and doodle something, except I really do have time sometimes, I just don't use it for doodling.

I dream about those days when I'd update daily, ah, good times! It was so much fun!

Not going to give up trying though! I'll keep drawing every now and then, no matter what  :)



by Kata

BIG 50!


I hit 50 comics today! So awesome. (I didn't think I'd keep doing it...hehe..eeeh....<.< )

It's a happy day indeed. I hope there will be many hundred more to come <3

by Kata

Can't upload ;.;

Don't know when I can upload the next time.  Hopefully in a day or two :)

by Kata


Also, Random Thoughts has had over 1000 visitors now. I'm happy :) 

Keep coming back people! I like you a lot!

by Kata


Wow, I have made 28 strips and I finally doodled a banner. About time!

I've been planning on starting to draw my other comic now as well, it would probably be a weekly update. I cant wait to get my hands dirty with it.